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Until I figure out what to do with this section, simply leave me any questions about your Dynasty League.

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  1. Would you trade Carlos Rodon for Cody Reed and Victor Robles? I’m competing this year, but would be in hopes Reed will be up soon which I think he will.

  2. Love the site! I saw Anthony Bando’s name pop up on Sbnation’s ‘best young pitchers’ list http://www.minorleagueball.com/2015/12/21/9834008/top-performing-starting-pitchers-of-the-2015-minors-per-the-fabio

    But don’t see him in your top 10 prospects for Arizona. I knew nothing about him before he made his statistical cut on sbnation. Any thoughts on him?

  3. Hey Rich;Any realistic chance white sox move sanchez to SS and play m. Johnson at 2B? Thanks

  4. In a standard 5×5 roto league draft I have the 6th pick. My keepers are Goldschmidt, Marte, Donaldson, Springer, Lester and Kluber. We have a 3 year contract rule on every player. After all keepers have been declared, I’m looking at a few players with my first pick. It looks like Kershaw, E5, Bautista, Felix Hernandez, Cano, Tulo, Adam Jones, Beltre, Hanley, Braun and Bumgarner will all be available. Who would be the best target for me? Thank you! Love the podcast!

  5. Hi Rich,
    Love the radio show and the site.

    16 team dynasty. My team is built to win now, maybe a two or three year window at the very top. I assess my team as being maybe one or two arms short of being championship level, and pitching is beyond scarce.

    I was offered Tanaka and Clay Buchholz for Giolito. Is the value close enough to make it worth trading a stud like Giolito?

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      You’re not going to like my answer but I just don’t know. If Tanaka is healthy and doesn’t blow out his arm over the next two-years, it’s a great deal for you now. If he does, which is possibly, it’s bad for your objective. Nobody knows the answer and it’s totally a gut feel. That said, Giolito is the best prospect in baseball and you should be able to return a pitcher nearly with as much upside and who is safer than Tanaka. I would probably look to do that, but if you want to live on the edge and really go for it, then by all means…

  6. I just Selected Steven Souza Ahead of all these guys in my start up prospect draft. Was That a huge mistake? I read your Top 100 after oops….

    24. Hunter Harvey Bal RHP
    25. Jameson Taillon Pit RHP
    26. Dalton Pompey Tor OF
    27. Braden Shipley Ari RHP
    28. Robert Stephenson Cin RHP
    29. Raul Mondesi KC SS
    30. Andrew Heaney LAA LHP
    31. Kyle Zimmer KC RHP
    32. Yasmany Tomas Ari OF
    33. Alex Jackson Sea OF
    34. Kyle Schwarber CHC C/OF
    35. Kohl Stewart Min RHP
    36. Mark Appel Hou RHP
    37. Henry Owens Bos LHP
    38. Jesse Winker

  7. Hey Rich!

    It’s keeper decision time… The way my league works is we get to keep 5 players that were originally drafted in our top 20 picks and 6 from a pool of players consisting of low draft picks, free agent aquisitions and minor league call ups (We also get to stash 5 MiLB guys)…

    So here’s my upper tier guys I’m choosing from and where my head currently is:

    1. Paul Goldschmidt
    2. Robinson Cano
    3. Ian Desmond
    4. Zack Greinke
    5. Tyson Ross
    5A. Yordano Ventura
    5B. Joey Votto
    5C. Evan Gattis

    My top 4 are pretty much locks, but I’m really torn on who to keep out of the Ross, Ventura, Votto, Gattis pool… Thoughts?

    And here’s where it gets really tough! Here’s my bottom 6 options:

    1. Anthony Rendon
    2. Greg Holland
    3. Devin Mesoraco
    4. Xander Bogaerts
    5. Chris Carter
    6. Delin Baetances
    6A. Jacob DeGrom
    6B. Marcus Stroman
    6C. Michael Wacha
    6D. David Wright
    6E. Lucas Duda

    I really hate dropping those young arms, but I figure Starting Pitching is about the deepest pool of players there is… as information there are no yearly limitations on keepers (we can keep them as long as we like) however I will eventually have to rotate guys out of my bottom 6, as I start to add my minor league guys into the mix.

    Here’s the guys I currently have rostered in my minors:

    1. Gregory Polanco
    2. Mookie Betts
    3. Miguel Sano
    4. Arismendy Alcantra
    5. J.P. Crawford

    We can hold these guys in our minors as long as we want, but once we add them to our MLB rosters they become part of our bottom 6 pool.

    Sorry about the book, but it’s a complex league and I wanted you to have all the facts! 🙂

    Thanks for taking a look and keep up the great work!!


  8. Got a trade offer 12 team pretty standard keeper league pitchers get more points than hitters Trout got 603 to King Felix’s 790. He wants Wong and I get Latos I already have Zobrist and Peralta but was thinking to keep Wong and Zobrist and dropping Peralta My 6 pitchers I have and was keeping are S.Gray A.Wood Teheran Fister Iwakuma G.Cole.

  9. Hi Rich,
    I’m in a 16 team dynasty, 35 man rosters, so most top 75 prospects are owned.

    I’ve had Stanton for a long time but am starting to think it may be time to cash him in (high value, injury worries, ballpark etc)

    My lineup is deep but you can never have too many assets.

    Anyways, to my question. I was offered Carlos Gomez, E5, Dalton Pompey, and Giolito for him. Should I take it?

    • In general, I would say NO to a guy like Stanton…remember, he’s 25, but man o’ man, that’s a ton of talent. Gomez and E5 are both 1st round picks, Pompey could be really good and Giolito is the best pitching prospect in the game.

      Knowing nothing about your other guys, league rules, etc… it’s a good trade for you on the surface; particularly if you can keep guys forever. Gomez is 29 and E5 is 32-years old, but they should both be elite for the next two years, longer for Gomez.

  10. Hello again. My draft is 2 months away I have the 5th overall pick and these players are on the board Can you put them in order for me. Thanks
    Jorge Soler
    Mookie Betts
    Danny Santana
    Jacob deGrom
    Yasmany Tomas
    Rusney Castillo

  11. My minor leaguers are a little unbalanced. Appel, Stewart, HHarvey, McCullers, V V and Hultzen are my SPs. My best offensive prospects are Teoscar and Barreto. We are AL only, 5×5 + BBs and Holds, Dynasty.
    Tim Anderson or Daniel Robertson? Also, which pitchers would you offer? Should I aim higher?

  12. What can we expect from Carlos Rodon in 2015? Also, what will his best season in the next 5 look like? Thanks Rich!

  13. Is Kyle Zimmer worth a keeper spot. I’m in a pretty much standard ESPN league but pitchers get the most points Cueto 812 points to Trout 603
    I have Verlander Paxton S.Gray Teheran A.Wood Iwakuma and Zimmer J.Gray on the outside. People are telling me also that Verlander is washed up and done which I have a hard time to believe

    • Zimmer just had a shoulder surgery. If you are counting on him next year, you’ll likely be disappointed. Huge upside, but unless you have a place to park him to see if the shoulder is good, you might want to move on.

  14. Hey Rich wanted some early keeper advice. Can keep 5 players in the round drafted and have an additional rd 23 pick

    Baseball keeper options 2014-2015
    9 X 9
    (R, H, RBI, SB, AVG, XBH, SLG, BB, K)

    Andrew McCutchen (rd 1)
    Carlos Gomez (rd 3)
    George Springer (rd 17)
    Byron Buxton (rd 19)
    James Paxton (rd 22)
    Corey Kluber (rd 23)
    Tanner Roark (rd 23)
    Rusney Castillo (rd 23)
    Chris Carter (rd 23)

    • Gomez, Springer, Kluber, Carter, and Cutch. My only hesitation on Cutch is would he be available when you pick. Obviously, if he is, don’t keep kim and go either Castillo or Buxton.

      • I wish I could get Cutch with my first pick but unfortunately it won’t happen. Thanks for the early advice, really struggling on who to keep in that last spot (Carter, Castillo, Buxton) and getting lots of different opinions. I’ll check with the great Tim McLeod as well. Maybe once the season gets closer you can have a “who to keep” podcast where you and Tim answer listener keeper questions.

        Good up the great work

  15. Is alex Gordon a good comp for Mookie Betts for the future? Their advanced metrics are pretty similar at this point..Gordon .358wOBP mookie .354wOBP Gordon 129wRC+ Mookie wRC+124…Gordon ISO .180 Mookie ISO .182

    • They are different players. Mookie is way more athletic with much more speed and while I think it’s a stretch that Mookie hits 20 home runs, I wouldn’t rule it out. Mookie will get on a base a ton and I would hope it would be a bigger clip than Gordon’s .346 lifetime OBP.

      Mookie is really, really good.

  16. Hey Rich I need to drop one of the following:

    A. Alcantra
    J.P. Crawford
    M. Sano
    G. Polanco
    H. Owens
    M. Betts

    • WOW, tough choice. It’s between AA, Crawford, and Owens. Crawford has the highest upside but is two years away. I’ve always loved AA. I’d probably go Owens even though he’s really good. But given the ceiling of the others and what they”ve done in big leagues, that’s where I would go.

  17. Hey Rich,

    Need a September call up 3B that could help down the stretch run as I had Frazier all year but used him as a piece to get McCutchen. Lawrie was my back up and lasted one at bat and now I am running Freese or Mous. out there.

    Would you go after Gallo or Bryant (both available right now) or is there another 3b to target.

    Appreciate the help,

  18. In 14 team H2H dynasty league……what are your thoughts on Kennys Vargas? Would you rather have Vargas or Souza?

  19. Not considering who is going to be up first….would you rather have Corey Seager or Jorge Soler…I know Seager is higher in your rankings from mid season. ..but curious if that’s changed since?

  20. Hey Rich. In a league where next years draft will include the 2014 first yr players and international prospects, would you trade Lindor for the third overall pick?? I have Correa and Baez at SS. Do you see better value than Lindor in the projected top 3 picks?? And while we’re at it, can you give a list of what you feel the top picks should be (typically all 2014 draftees)?

    One more! Your thoughts on Rusney Castillo?

    • Funny…I’ve been thinking about this as it’s looking like I have the third or fourth pick next year in a DL with similar rules. For me, it’s Castillo first and then Rodon, and then… I’m not sure. I think it’s a bat such as Nick Gordon, maybe Conforto or Jackson. Schwarber is just ok for me, so I wouldn’t consider. Do you take a 18-year-old pitcher like Kolek? That doesn’t feel good.

      In the early analysis, I think there is a big drop off the first two and therefore, I’m not happy with that pick and would rather take a 6-8 pick instead. For Lindor, nope…I don’t think Lindor will be a fantasy stud, but he’s nearly ready and should be a solid fantasy contributor. I don’t think I take Castillo over Lindor.

      Castillo…I’ve never seen him, but at some point, we need, or at least I need to start believing the hype in Cuban players who have proven themselves. He is 26 and will therefore is moving into his prime, but history says he’ll be somebody to own.

      • What if I was able to get the first overall pick for Lindor. I’d probably target Rodon. What it be foolish to trade Lindor away for that pick?

      • I think so. Lindor will be up next year, as will Rodon, but positional player over pitcher. It’s close though. Also, very close with Castillo.

  21. Dyansty std roto league. Have Stephenson stashed but am hearing mixed reports on him lately. Taillon, Berrios, Zimmer, Wisler and Appel are available. Would you drop Stephenson to pick up any of these guys? If so, which one? If not and I could stash another SP who would you suggest from this group. I don’t need them to contribute in 2015 (it would be nice) but don’t want to wait later than 2016. Thanks.

  22. is giving yelich for a. russell a no-brainer or a mistake ?
    am thinking that yelich’s value takes a hit , when stanton gets traded .

    appreciate your thoughts .

  23. H2h 5 players lifetime keeper league in round drafted

    Offensive categories (h, r, hr, RBI, SB, xbh, BA, SLG, total bases)

    Need some advice on a the key players in a package deal

    Would you give Springer (17th rd) for Carlos Gomez (3rd rd)

    I am currently in 5th place top 6 make the playoffs and I have lost Cutch, CarGo, Belt, Lawrie, Springer, Craig, Victorino all in the last month

    Really torn on this one.

    • Don’t think so…I know anything can happen in the playoffs but you have to play the odds and I’d rather wait for Cutch and Springer than trade that difference as I worry it won’t make the difference.

      • Just listened to the podcast and was pumped my question made the show. Love the show and listen ever week all the way from Vietnam. I was able to hold onto Springer and dealt Gardner, JD Martinez, and The Shark for Gomez and Paxton.

        Excited to have a Cutch, Gomez and Springer outfield next year

  24. Start Up MiLB Draft: Who do I take…three separate questions:

    Baez or Bryant?

    Austin Meadows or Clint Frazier?

    Jameson Taillon or Max Fried?

    I already made the first and third decisions…I am currently making the second one. I just wanted to see how I did on the 2 picks I already did. Thanks.

  25. 12 team mixed keeper – C/1B/2B/3B/SS/3x OF/Util. 1450 Innings. 25 roster spots and 3 DL.

    Must keep any 5 players to be slotted in rounds 1-5. Anyone else can be kept at a 3 round penalty. For example. Adam Eaton is drafted in the 18th rd. He can be kept the following year in the 15th and the 12th two years from now.

    my team is;

    C- Lucroy
    1b – Pujols
    2b – D. Santana
    ss – Jose Reyes
    3b – Seager
    OF – Polanco
    OF- Stubbs/Reddick platton
    OF- G. Stanton
    Util – Morneau

    Bench – D. Gordon, Lind, Carlo Gonzalez

    SP – Kershaw, Jose Fernandez, Zimmermann, Shoemaker, Weaver,

    RP – Kimbrel, Britton, Perkins, Feliz, Wade Davis

    I’m 12.5 points in front of second place. I’m pretty safe with Runs and SB. I need HR, RBI. Also need to improve my Wins, ERA and WHIP

    Should I pull the trigger on Cargo (top 5 rounds) and Jose Fernandez (18th round keeper next year) for Braun (top 5 rounds) and Arrieta (22nd rd keeper next year)?

    I’m just wondering if Braun is enough of an upgrade on my OF platoon and if Arrieta can keep it up.

    • I don’t think so. 12.5 points is pretty substantial league with 6 weeks to go. Plus, Braun is showing wear this year. JF will be back next year. Yeah, it’s good to lock it this year, but you could really hurt yourself going forward. Anything you can get on waiver wire. Braun is only going to give you 5-7 the remainder of the year. Waiver wire guy could give you the low-end you would like. Is two home runs going to cost you the title? Is an inconsistent Arrieta going to make the difference? I’m thinking no.

      • Thanks for the reply Rich!

        I agreed with you…I rejected the deal. I ended up doing another deal with the same manager.

        Cargo (top 5), J-Fer (18th), D. Gordon (21st), Morneau (22nd) for Miggy (top 5), Arrieta (22nd), Pedroia (top 5).

        Pedroia is just a throw in. I’ll platoon him at 2nd with Santana. Miggy will still have 3B next year.

        I asked you back in early May about a deal where I traded Kris Bryant (16th) for J. Zimmermann (8th). You said I might regret this once Bryant reaches the bigs and is knocking 35+ HR out a year. I’m already starting to regret it. But if I win this year, it will be worth it. I’ll be the first 2 time champ in a league that is in it’s 7th year.

        If you don’t mind me asking, what is your day job? With the travel to nice destinations and speaking engagements…you must be pretty good at what you do.

        Anyways, keep up the great job with the podcasts.

      • Flags fly forever but Bryant will be tough to swallow, probably about this time next year…oh well…good luck!

        I create software and spend a lot of time telling people how great it is…some actually believe me

  26. 10 team dynasty league, and I have the following rotation:

    King Felix
    Shelby Miller
    Yordano Ventura
    and Snydergaard in an NA slot.

    Any reason you see for burning a DL spot on Cashner? My offense is starting to take hits, and I could use the DL slot.

  27. hey rich,

    listening to your newest podcast and you guys sound like your all in on jay bruce..im currently trying to get him

    thoughts on this trade?

    my bumgarner for his bruce and a 2nd player like greg holland or gio gonzalez?

    do you think he fits my team, we keep 14 plus 2 NA spots 8 teamer, is it worth it? heres my team

    Runs (R), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Batting Average (AVG), On-base Percentage (OBP), Net Stolen Bases (NSB)

    Losses (L), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP), Strikeouts per Nine Innings (K/9), Quality Starts (QS), Saves + Holds (SV+H)

    Meso (baker..who? lol) Darvish
    Jose abreau Sonny Gray
    Cano Bumgarner
    Rendon Anibal Sanchez
    Reyes Cobb
    Dozier Jordan zimmerman
    Bautista iwakuma
    Yelich Teheran
    C Carter Kluber
    Frazier Allen
    Byrd Doolittle
    Taveras Casilla
    A Rameriez Boxburger
    Melky cab Perkins
    DL – A garcia Uehard
    DL – owings
    DL – fielder
    NA – Rymer lirano
    NA – Dj peterson
    NA – addison russel
    NA – Betts

    thanks pal

  28. Hey Rich,
    Just traded Correa for Rendon and feel like I didn’t get enough. Was wondering your thoughts.

  29. Rich :
    14 team dynasty :
    OF …. hamiltons (2) , stanton , revere , lagares , leonys , and a recently
    acquired seth smith .
    drop any of those for rhymer liriano ?
    thanking you , in advance .

    am leading the league , but with only 3 points in BA .

  30. hey rich,

    what are your thoughts on Avisail Garcia? hes coming back soon, where do you see him moving forward


    • Ugh…I’m still not a fan. Guy never walks and his swing gets long and he struggles to make contact. Athletic and plus raw but I just don’t think he ever gets to it. He has to learn patience. BTW, I’m in the minority here, but I’ll stick by it until I see something that convinces me otherwise.

  31. I need an opinion on this. …alcantara is really struggling…I’m thinking of cutting him to open his roster spot…so question 1 is do I cut him or wait? — to give you perspective the other young guys I have are Baez, springer, mookie, addison russell, soler, and heaney…If the answer is cut him then I would pick up either Corey Seager or Julio Urias…so that makes question 2 which of those 2 would u suggest? My inclination would Urias

    • I think I answered this…let me know if I didn’t or was not clear and I’ll take another crack at it.

      • No I don’t think you did. Thanks

      • I’m sorry, but I can’t find the post. Would you mine posting again…sorry about the hassle.

      • sure the question was this:

        I need an opinion on this. …alcantara is really struggling…I’m thinking of cutting him to open his roster spot…so question 1 is do I cut him or wait? — to give you perspective the other young guys I have are Baez, springer, mookie, addison russell, soler, and heaney…If the answer is cut him then I would pick up either Corey Seager or Julio Urias…so that makes question 2 which of those 2 would u suggest? My inclination would Urias

      • I just saw Urias tonight and it’s special. However, I’ve seen Seager and it’s special as well. Both have more upside than AA but AA is also still very good. You’re pretty good up the middle, so I would be inclined to drop AA for Seager. As good as Urias could be, you’ve got to go batter here.

        Sorry again for the slow response.

      • thanks rich!! No worries on the delay

  32. 12 team keeper league ESPN standard league
    McCutchen Bundy for Ellsbury S.Gray
    McCutchen Bundy Markakis for Ellsbury S.Gray Heyward
    McCutchen Bundy Blackmon for Ellsbury S.Gray Kemp

  33. 10 team H2H OBP league would u trade blackmon for Yellich?

  34. As a follow up, we have 15 keepers w/ salaries etc…, I’m rebuilding but believe I can challenge next year. Will have the 3rd pick in each of the 7 rounds, + an additional 3rd rd pick (8-10). Wondering your thoughts on which prospects might be more worth keeping than others… We play 2 C, 4 OF, UTIL, CI, MI, standard positions + 10 pitchers.

    Currently looking @ keeping the following 8-9 positional players: C Lucroy, 1B Encarnacion, 2B Wong, SS Segura, 3B Chisenhall, OF Polanco, OF Brantley OF Taveras (also have Alex Rios, Matt Holiday, Howie Kendrick, Yan Gomes, Eric Hosmer). Currently have Mookie Betts and Baez in minors but will have to move to major league roster when reach 150 ab.

    Minor leaguers include Correa, Dahl, Frazier, Starling, Jon Grey, Kyle Zimmer.

    Pitching I’m keeping Sale, Latos, Cobb, Wacha, Gausman or Pineda, Doolittle & Betances. Other current pitchers include Jimmy Nelson, Tim Hudson, Drew Hutchison & James Paxton.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on roster construction, holes in roster and thoughts moving forward.

    You rock Rich!


    • Hmmm…a couple of thoughts. I like the 8 you listed through Taveras. You’ll likely have to keep Baez given the level of at-bats he’s likely to get the rest of the year. So, that’s 9. Sale, Latos, Cobb, Wacha is 13. It’s hard to leave off Gausman as I think he’s really going to come into his own. That’s 14. I’m torn between Nelson, Hutch, and Pineda. I think you just need to see who plays the best.

      Back to the positional guys…Chisenhall has been awful since the all-star break. I know you need a 3B but I just don’t know about Chis. I like Rios but given you play so few offensive players, you might want to consider keeping an additional pitcher.

      It’s a good team, a young team with a lot of upside. I have to believe it’s going to be strong going forward. Tavares, Baez, GP. WOW…

      • My sale and Alex rios for cargo, Kris Bryant and a 1st

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Really like the Cargo/Bryant side…

      • Made a couple more trades as I’m out of contention for this year. Current keepers (15) are Lucroy, E5, Segura, Baez, Wong, CarGo, Brantley, Greg Polanco, Tavares, Latos, Cobb, Wacha, Gausman, Doolittle/Betances and Pineda/Jimmy Nelson.

        Got an offer for Tulo – my Latos & Yan Gomes (2 catcher league).

        Should I pull the trigger?

        Cheers Rich! Alex Sent from my iPhone


      • Boy…I just don’t know. Labrum surgery is what A-Rod had. Plus, he’s averaged 50 missed games per year over the past 5. You’re buying low on him as a healthy Tulo goes for more than Latos and Gomes.

        I just don’t know…andI’m guessing neither do you…tough call…could really be good…but something tells me this is not going to end well for Tulo. Sorry, it’s an emotional decision and one that’s based on your gut. You know the metrics and issues as well I do.

        Let me know what you decide.

  35. Alexander Reyes, Ian Clarkin, Tyler Danish or Renato Nunez? Two spots to fill and if you could answer why I would greatly appeciate it. Thanks!

  36. Thanks Rich. Settled on trading away Wheeler for 3rd rounder & 1st minor league pick (8-10). 10 teams, 15 keepers.

  37. Hey Rich, It’s that time of year again when trades are in the air. Had a couple i was hoping to hear your thoughts on. Giving Starlin Castro for Gregory Polanco? Giving Xander Bogaerts and Carlos Correa for Javier Baez and Anthony Rendon?

  38. My Mat Latos & Zach Weeleer
    Kris Bryant & rd 2 pixk

  39. Waiver Trading period just kicked off. Looking to put claims in and some intriguing names floating out there. Who has the higher upside (consider the price as well). Collin Mchugh or Dan Straily.

  40. Hi Rich,

    Is Nomar Mazara gonna be a top 100 prospect next year? And if so, where? I here he just went from low A to AA.

    • Yeah, pretty crazy. Mrytle is jammed in the outfield with Brinson and Williams but to Double-A…WOW. Top 100…he’s in the discussion. Swing is long but he’s got plus raw power and an idea of the strike zone. Might be your classic three true-outcome player.

  41. Thoughts on Kevin Plawecki?

    • Can really hit and is an ok defender. Travis d better watch his back and start hitting. A .223 BA will not cut it and some have suggested that Plawecki has passed him and it’s just a matter of time. I don’t think so because much of d’Arnaud’s problem can be attributed to a .247 BABIP.

  42. 12 team standard keeper league we keep 15. Got offered Cobb Cespedes for S.Miller Taveras my 2nd round pick which is 196th overall pick.

    • That’s a tough call. Upside is Taveras all the way. If you want to play it safe, go Cespedes. I’d go Taveras, but that’s just me.

      • Thanks. The guy counter with cargo for Taveras now I need to add a piece but nothing major Thoughts ??

      • Ahhhh….Cargo is a potential monster if he can stay healthy…but he never has. He will one day and will challenge Trout for best fantasy player. Until then, he’s a shoulda, coulda, woulda guy. I have no idea what to tell you as I’ve fallen hard for Cargo over the past two years and have gotten burned, particularly this year. If you want him, it’s Taveras and a top 100 player, maybe more. However, if the guy is down on him and you can snag him for just a little over Taveras, ahhh….I guess you have to go for it, but it could end ugly…or he could be a monster.

  43. Hi Rich. In a 16 team dynasty with no chance of winning, and worst in saves category, would you trade Baez for Kimbrel and a pick? I also own Mercer, Lindor and Correa at SS. I don’t have any true closers to speak of at the moment (Giles, Crain(?)), and feel a need to make a move for one. Kimbrel has been put on the block and is on the cheap as far as contracts go in our league (Kenley is at 14k, Kimbrel at 6k…for comparison). Thoughts? Thanks!

    • I think it’s a mistake and closers are made, not born. Giles will be a closer at some point. Be patient and don’t overpay for a closer, even a stud like Kimbrel. Mealncon’s pretty good this year and he was available on the wire.

  44. Hey RIch,
    I have Cargo and want out. Currently I have a couple interesting offers on the table. My team is competing this year, but at this point I can’t stand Gonzalez. The offers are Lucroy, Taijuan Walker for Cargo, and S Marte D Jennings for Cargo. Are either worth it or should I suck it up and hope Glass Joe can return to form?

    • Cargo needs to stop throwing his body around in the outfield. It’s not working and he might save a triple and make it a double, but if it cost him 3 days, it doesn’t feel good.

      I would suck it up if I were you. Guy has tremendous upside and I’m worried about Walker’s delivery. Marte and Jennings, I just can’t do.

  45. I am offered D Price for T Roark, due to special league rules I will lose Price at the end of the year while I could keep Roark. Points but me mid pack of playoff teams. Wonder if Price will be that much better? Enjoy the show on I tunes. Thanks

  46. Is James Paxton really good or more of a avg pitcher

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