Top 100 Prospects – 1 through 25

Our top 100 prospects list, players 1 through 25, has just been posted.

More content will be on the way.  Thank you for all your support!

10 comments on “Top 100 Prospects – 1 through 25

  1. Your thoughts on me trading Cliff Lee for Miguel Sano straight up in the same 10 team dynasty league from earlier posts, in hopes to acquire young power.

    • Tough call…Lee is still elite but he turned 35 in August and is past his prime. That said, his game is about command and he could still have 2-3 years of solid years remaining. Sano could be a beast with 40 HR upside. If you want young power, he’s the guy to get. It hurts but it’s fair and you’ll be happy in two years.

  2. Ok taking Franco thanks.

  3. Hi Rich,who would you choose Maikel Franco or Cory Seager?I already own Taveras,Polanco,A.Bradley & Crick.I also traded Eric Young for Polanco N.L. only 12 team what do you think on both ?’s thanks.

  4. Not with this group of owners!! Heavily invested in terms of research. Best postion prospect available is Gregory Polanco hile the top pitching prospect available is Robert Stephenson. Alot of work to do in the upcoming seasons but that is the fun of inheriting this squad!

  5. Hello Rich…love the podcasts!!
    I inherited a dynasty team in a 10 team league that does not have much young talent with position playersbut I do own the 1st overall pick for each round of our draft. The pitchin staff is serviceable for the next few seasons. What kind of ransom should I be asking for the 1st pick anf, if I can’t find taker, and what would be yor preference betweeen Wacha, Tanaka or Abreau?

    • Is Kris Bryant available? If so, that’s my pick. Of the three, Tanaka for me. Ransom – really dependent on your league, but I have the first pick in a Dynasty League and was offered a Top 30 prospect plus their first, second, and third round picks. I decided to stick with the pick.

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