2016 Top 10 Houston Astros Prospects

Our review of the 2016 Houston Astros Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Astros 2015 Prospect List here.

1. A.J. Reed (1B)

2. Alex Bregman (SS/2B)

3. Kyle Tucker (OF)

4. Frances Martes (RHP)

5. Derek Fisher (OF)

6. Daz Cameron (OF)

7. Michael Feliz (RHP)

8. J.D. Davis (3B)

9. Joe Musgrove (RHP)

10. Albert Abreu (RHP)

2016 Emerging Prospect:

Akeem Bostick (RHP)




5 comments on “2016 Top 10 Houston Astros Prospects

  1. Are the numbers lying with Musgrove? Don’t understand how he isn’t ranked higher.

    • I like Musgrove a lot and it’s the reason he’s on my list. Be careful though. He has good stuff but not great stuff and is effective because he has plus control and command. As a righty, that gives him little room for error. What will make him better than a typical command and control guy is that his stuff is better than the typical label.

      Again, I like him…in fact a lot as I think I own him on every Dynasty League, but I see him more as a Top 40 pitcher potential than a Top 20.

  2. The defensive scouting report on JD Davis really makes him go up on my radar.
    Springer showed a shorter swing this past season while healthy, so hopefully GS will succeed and the Astros will have a “you see” type situation with Davis.

  3. Where would VV rank on this list?
    Just think, Astros could have promoted Bryant last season. #ouch
    Will McCullers be the “big Texan” out of Bradley and Bundy? The tides have turned.
    That list is very attractive especially from the fantasy glasses.

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