2016 Top 10 Los Angeles Angels Prospects

Our review of the 2016 Los Angeles Angels Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Angels 2015 Prospect List here.

1. Joe Gatto (RHP)

2. Jahmai Jones (OF)

3. Victor Alcantara (RHP)

4. Jake Jewell (RHP)

5. Taylor Ward (C)

6. Kyle Kubitza (3B)

7. Roberto Baldoquin (SS)

8. Natanael Delgado (OF)

9. Nate Smith (LHP)

10. Kaleb Cowart (3B)

2016 Emerging Prospect:

Jeremy Rhoades (RHP)

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2 comments on “2016 Top 10 Los Angeles Angels Prospects

  1. I’m assuming this is a week system.
    Not only do they not have anyone close to being a star level future talent, but the depth is not there either like the Cards, Redsox, etc…usually have.
    What’s wrong with teams that fail to draft or buy young intl talent?
    Is there a large gap in financing between some of these clubs?

    • I think it’s about philosophy. The Angels like to use their prospects as trade bait and give up draft picks by signing older free agents. Fortunately, they kept Trout. Otherwise, the process is clear, at least to me. Unfortunately, it’s not working. I can’t help but think it’s a strategy heavily influenced by Mike S. and once he finally moves on, you could finally see a change in approach. For me, it would be warranted.

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