2017 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects

Our review of the 2017 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Chicago Cubs 2016 Prospect List here.
1. Eloy Jimenez (OF)

2. Ian Happ (OF/2B)

3. Dylan Cease (RHP)

4. Mark Zagunis (OF)

5. Jeimer Candelario (3B)

6. Oscar De La Cruz (RHP)

7. Trevor Clifton (RHP)

8. Duane Underwood (RHP)

9. Eddy Martinez (OF)

10. Thomas Hatch (RHP)

2017 Emerging Prospect

Jose Albertos (RHP)

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3 comments on “2017 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects

  1. do you see the CHC being able to replenish going forward selecting at the end of rounds 1 and 2?
    How do they play Zobrist with this talent still coming and sitting on the line?

    • The Red Sox did a pretty good job when he was there in replenishing their system and winning championships? Betts was a 5th round pick. Devers an international signee, etc…

      There will be no Kris Bryant but I think it can be done…plus, they have the money to sign free agents, unlike small market teams.

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    The first of 30 starts the offseason off correct

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