2017 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospects

Our review of the 2017 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Cincinnati Reds 2016 Prospect List here.

1. Nick Senzel (3B)

2. Amir Garrett (LHP)

3. Robert Stephenson (RHP)

4. Tyler Mahle (RHP)

5. Taylor Trammell (OF)

6. Aristides Aquino (OF)

7. Jesse Winker (OF)

8. Tony Santillan (RHP)

9. Tyler Stephenson (C)

10. Rookie Davis (RHP)

2017 Emerging Prospect

Alfredo Rodriguez (SS)

4 comments on “2017 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospects

  1. Hey Rich,

    New to the site, and just read through all the reports you put together (couldn’t figure out how to comment directly on that post). I’m pretty curious as to how someone like Winker could slide so far down, when it seems that he has a floor of at least an ok MLB player for a few seasons. Kicking a guy for having a poor power season while dealing with a wrist injury seems pretty extreme, especially when he hit for such a high average, showed good contact to all fields, and exhibited an excellent eye. All in all, there aren’t many questions with the bat at this point, and him being a 40 fielder with a 40 arm isn’t going to kill you when he’s so advanced at the plate. I understand that there are higher ceilings, but many of these guys could also be total busts who can never reach the MLB because of the unpredictability of their hit tools. The arms are equally unpredictable compared to Winker, and it just seems like this skewed very far towards upside as opposed to likely future outcome.

    • Hey Jack,

      All fair comments and I struggled to find the balance of where to rank him based on his high floor but low ceiling with others in the system. Trammell could be a complete bust but also has huge upside. Does Walker go ahead of him or behind. Same with Aquino? In the end, I’m looking for the right balance and at his best, I just don’t see much power and that hurts his overall value; particularly for fantasy. A high OBP guy does have huge value in the game, or at least it use to. But you win with stars and in the end, I just like Trammell and Aquino more…although I understand there is risk. Clear as mudd?

  2. Mr. Wilson,
    Amir Garrett is a LHP.
    Robert Stephenson at #3 is very generous of you. His value has plummeted like a new car after driving off the sales lot.
    I don’t get the Emerging Prospect pick. AlfRod can barely hit his weight as a 22 year old in a league of mostly 18 year olds. The Reds flushed $7 Million down the crapper on this signing.
    And a heads up, Winker is a little low. He almost had a .300/.400 line as one of the youngest hitters in AAA. His power has decreased, but he has OBP skills.

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